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For partners offers extra earnings from our company's active promotion. By inviting partners to the project, you will obtain income from their payments up to the third level. To earn within the referral program, it's not obligatory to have an active deposit, but the higher the deposit's sum is, the more beneficial the referral program becomes.

We offer a three-level partnership program. To take part in this partnership program you are not obliged to make a deposit.


We offer an enlarged partnership program to the most active investors with the sum of investments over $50,000.

Bonus on revenue from the entire structure

In addition to the referral program we offer a reward for your structure''s turnover. The more profit you get from the turnover of your structure, the more bonuses you will get. Open all the partnership statuses and you will get more than 9400$.

50% of the bonuses obtained for getting the status are accrued to the main account and the rest 50% are put to the bonus account.
100 - 999$
from the structure
1000 - 4999$
from the structure
5000 - 19000$
from the structure
1000 - Unlimited$
from the structure

Montly leadership bonuses

Every month the partners engaging new investors in the project will get the leadership bonuses. Only the turnover from the first line is taken into consideration. At the beginning of every month the info will nullify. The payments will be procured on the first day of every month. The amount of reward depends on the rank obtained.

Rank 1
150 - 299$
from the first level
Rank 2
300 - 599$
from the first level
Rank 3
600 - 1199$
from the first level
Rank 4
1200 - 2499$
from the first level
Rank 5
2500 - 4999$
from the first level
Rank 6
More than 5000$
from the first level
For Rank 1 and Rank 2, 30% of bonuses received are credited to the main account and 70% to the bonus account. For the remaining ranks, 50% in the main account and 50% in the bonus account.
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